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Funding Opportunities


KEEP+ is a European Regional Development (ERDF) Funded programme, which opened on 1st January 2017, to support Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMEs) to access knowledge and expertise through collaboration with the University sector.

KEEP+ will provide your business with flexible opportunities for innovation, with a focus on developing new products or services, increasing profitability, reducing costs, providing opportunities to collaborate and accessing graduate talent.


The KEEP+ Programme can offer your company expertise you do not already possess and in the case of KEEPs (see below) that expertise will be embedded into your organisation for future use and benefit.The range of interventions below can cover a wide variety of business needs and scenarios, subject to assistance from the European Regional Development Fund:

  • Knowledge Exchange and Embed Partnerships (KEEPs) – a three way collaboration between a business, a University and a graduate employee who will work with the business to achieve agreed goals (Limited capital funding may also be available to support the approved collaborative activity).
  • Research and Innovation Collaborations (RICs) – a collaborative research and development activity for projects requiring more feasibility work and greater levels of research support than a KEEP (Limited capital funding may also be available to support the approved collaborative activity).
  • Innovation Internships – a 12 week placement within a company enabling graduates to work in a role aligned with their qualification, and giving businesses access to the expertise needed to bring their products or services to market.

Depending on which part of the KEEP+ Programme is best suited to your needs, by accessing the programme your business will benefit from:

  • The ability to access academic experts and gain the services of an enthusiastic graduate to spearhead your project and grow your business
  • Obtaining access to and greater awareness of potential markets for development of your business
  • Receiving assistance for the development and design of new products/services
  • Increasing your competitive advantage
  • Potential to increase your profitability
  • Accessing support for innovation and business improvement
  • Exploring new ideas
  • Bringing new knowledge into your business

The KEEP+ Programme is a match funded activity, with part of the cost of each activity being met by the European Regional Development Fund and part by the beneficiary SME. SME match funding contributions are generally 50% for revenue costs and 70% for capital costs.

To find out more contact:

Carole Randall – KEEP+ Programme Manager
01245 684310

Cheryl Cook – KEEP+ Marketing and Administration Manager
01245 684207

 Kayleigh Parkes – KEEP+ Project Finance Officer
01245 684985

Find out more www.keepplus.co.uk


Funding Opportunities

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are designed to help encourage growth and inject valuable knowledge and expertise into your business.

What is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership?

A partnership is a three-way collaboration between:

  • A business
  • A graduate employee, from any university (known as a KTP Associate) who transfers the knowledge you’re seeking into your organisation
  • Anglia Ruskin, known as the knowledge base. An academics will supervise the KTP Associate and offer you consulting support throughout the collaboration.

How will a KTP benefit your business?

By participating in a KTP you can:

  • access our experts and qualified staff to spearhead new projects and grow your business
  • obtain greater market awareness and develop your business for today’s market
  • enhance your organisation’s strategic planning and operational efficiency
  • get assistance with the development and design of new products
  • implement new systems or technology
  • identify and gain access to new markets
  • increase your competitive advantage
  • increase profitability.

Written agreements are drawn up between you and us to make sure you own the intellectual property of the project.

Why partner with us?

Anglia Ruskin University KTP team have created 100 graduate-level jobs since 2007 through our KTPs, and have developed a reputation for delivering strategic business solutions.

We’ve supported the growth of more than 150 companies, delivering on average a return of investment (ROI) of 7:1 for each collaboration. We’ve also worked successfully with both large companies and small- to medium-size enterprises (SMEs).

Every project is bespoke: we’ll work with businesses to match up requirements with our experienced academics. Their expertise is wide-ranging and their skills can be applied to many different business situations.

How long does a Knowledge Transfer Partnership last?

Projects can last between 12 and 36 months. Each project is different. We work with businesses to establish requirements, which will determine the project’s length.

How much does a Knowledge Transfer Partnership cost?

SMEs engaged in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with us can benefit from government funding the covers 67% of the total project costs. The budget for any individual Knowledge Transfer Partnership, and the business contribution to it, depends on the details of the specific partnership. A conservative estimate would be around £25,000 – £30,000. Our team can meet with you and run through what the grant covers, how it’s calculated and what other associated costs there may be.

Learn more about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships on our FAQs page.

Get in touch

Simon Daly – Knowledge Exchange Manager

Tel: +44 (0)1245 683 173;
Email: simon.daly@anglia.ac.uk

Find out more here


Low Carbon Across the South East (LOCASE)

Low Carbon Across the South East (LOCASE)

Project overview

LOCASE will provide a consistent, accessible business support programme across the SELEP area that helps businesses optimise the use of resources and adopt eco‐innovative and low carbon solutions in ways that improve business performance in terms of resilience, profitability and competitiveness, at the same time contributing to the protection and preservation of the environment.

The offer

The LOCASE project can provide match funded grants of up to £10,000 to:

  • Help cover the cost of energy efficiency measures for any small or medium sized business
  • Enable businesses in the low carbon sector to expand and develop We can also provide free expert advice and innovation support:
  • Mentoring support from experienced, private sector professionals for growth focused low carbon/environmental sector companies in Essex
  • Development and implementation of effective Travel Plans for staff and visitors

Who can apply

To be eligible for a grant or support, businesses must;

  • Be considered an SME (i.e. employ fewer than 250 people, and have an annual turnover not exceeding €50 million or a balance sheet not exceeding €43 million);
  • Spend the full value of the LoCASE grant on a project taking place within the South East LEP*;
  • Secure 60% of the costs of the project in cash from private sector sources before the LoCASE grant agreement is concluded*;
  • Not be engaged in a restricted sector according to the state aid regulations and ERDF requirements. Not have either already exceeded the de minimis state aid limit (€200,000 over three years) or to be in a position where the de minimis state aid limit would be exceeded were the application to be approve

*These points apply to funded grants only (provision of advice and support is free of charge)

Contact us



Alternatively you can complete an enquiry form: http://locase.co.uk/register-here/



The MedBIC Business Innovation Centre for Medical and Advanced Engineering is centrally located in Chelmsford, Essex, a thriving new city that's home to 12,000 businesses, including several companies in the engineering field and medical technology and assisted living sector. Chelmsford is close to London and two airports, benefits from outstanding transportation links, has a highly qualified workforce and offers an excellent quality of life.

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