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Summer Student Research Internship Programme 2018

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Are you interested in working alongside some of the most highly innovative companies in Essex? 

Do you want to build your early career network and gain invaluable real business experience, with the opportunity to secure a permanent position at the end?

Why not apply for The MedBIC’s Student Research Internship Programme?

Anglia Ruskin University is delighted to be able to offer full-time Level 5 students the opportunity to work alongside one of the innovative companies at The MedBIC, Anglia Ruskin University’s Business Innovation Centre for Medical and Advanced Engineering on the Chelmsford campus.

Through the new Summer Research Internship Programme students can undertake a summer placement (250 hours) for which they will receive a £2,000 HMRC bursary.  They will get to work alongside the company’s management team on a particular real-life business research project, aimed at helping the growth and development of the company.

Projects can vary depending on the business, and they may include research activities such as researching and developing a funding bid for the development of a new product; market research around competitors and differentiating the company from their rivals; brand analysis and marketing strategies; identifying a new market for new/existing products; researching new methods for undertaking an innovative activity within the company and recommending various options; or researching and developing the company’s online and social media strategy.

The programme offers students from all faculties and specialisms invaluable experience and potentially may result in further full or part time work with the company or one of their associates. The research projects will be based at the business premises and with the agreement of the student and business can run during either of the following dates:

  • Semester Programme: part-time, from April to July 2018, 4 months with circa 2/3 days per week.
  • Summer Programme: full-time, from June to July 2018, 2 months/8 weeks.

Each student will be awarded £2,000 on completion of 250 hours unless specified otherwise stated.  To be eligible for these the student must be a current full-time Level 5 student at Anglia Ruskin University who is a UK/EU National and not been awarded a bursary funded research position previously.

To find out more about the programme and the type of projects available, or to apply for one of the research intern positions, please contact info@medbic.com