• The MedBIC
  • Anglia Ruskin University

Business Innovation Centre, Medical and Advanced Engineering

Research & Development Services

A MedBIC tenant operates a power tool in the workshop

Innovation made possible through R&D

Anglia Ruskin University provides a number of research and development services.

As an occupant of The MedBIC you would gain access to the following facilities:

  • Civil engineering laboratory
  • Medical engineering laboratory
  • Civil engineering workshop
  • Mechanical engineering workshop

You may also qualify for some funding to help you develop new products and services. Find out more about part-subsidised knowledge exchange programmes.


The MedBIC Business Innovation Centre for Medical and Advanced Engineering is centrally located in Chelmsford, Essex, a thriving new city that's home to 12,000 businesses, including several companies in the engineering field and medical technology and assisted living sector. Chelmsford is close to London and two airports, benefits from outstanding transportation links, has a highly qualified workforce and offers an excellent quality of life.

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