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Additive Manufacturing

EOS-M290 metal sintering machine for 3D printing

Additive Manufacturing (aka 3D Printing) is a growing area of research and Anglia Ruskin University has invested heavily in enhancing its capabilities to stay ahead of the curve and be competitive in the educational as well as the applied research market.

Our activities are led by academics who are established experts in this field. The research is focussed on various fronts including developing novel systems capable of manufacturing functional products, material characterisation for improved mechanical properties and reducing the lead-time from design conceptualisation to optimisation and finally prototyping the product for use. Our facilities house a metal sintering machine (EOS M290), commercial (Dimension 1200es series) and desktop (Anet E12 series and Pro IdeaWerk series) 3D printers in addition to customised systems capable of manufacturing tailored composites.     

The cutting-edge research undertaken at ARU aims to reduce the limitations associated with additive manufacturing processes such as build envelope restrictions, use of varied materials in tandem and production of durable composites for engineering applications.



The MedBIC Business Innovation Centre for Medical and Advanced Engineering is centrally located in Chelmsford, Essex, a thriving new city that's home to 12,000 businesses, including several companies in the engineering field and medical technology and assisted living sector. Chelmsford is close to London and two airports, benefits from outstanding transportation links, has a highly qualified workforce and offers an excellent quality of life.

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