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Business Innovation Centre, Medical and Advanced Engineering

Our Partner

Working in partnership with both the Essex County and Chelmsford City Council, the MedBIC aims to develop the next generation of companies that will enable the local economy to thrive.

Chelmsford City Council

Chelmsford City Council provides a high level of support and a professional approach when dealing with business, commerce and new investment. At all times we adopt a “can-do” business friendly attitude across all our services, are always looking to help our local businesses and provide the assistance to those wishing to bring their organisations to the area.

The Inward Investment, Economy & Growth team provides advice and assistance on a range of business related activities including planning, regulation, property search and the dissemination of relevant information to help businesses succeed and grow here.

Partnership working is a key aspect of our work reinforced through the Chelmsford Business Forum, our excellent business relations and participating in projects to enhance local economic growth.

Building an economy for the 21st century, capitalising on the scientific and technical history and ensuring continued innovation were reasons why the Council participated in the development of and investment in the MedBIC.

“The development and provision of Chelmsford’s first dedicated innovation centre for medical and advanced engineering has proved a sound investment. It provides an excellent stepping stone to future technically based business growth.”


Economic Development and Implementation team

Tel: 01245 606568
Web: www.chelmsford.gov.uk/business

Essex County Council

Helping business to thrive


Essex County Council is committed to business growth in the county and runs a number of programmes to help businesses of different shapes and sizes to succeed and make the most of one of the best commercial locations in the UK.

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The MedBIC Business Innovation Centre for Medical and Advanced Engineering is centrally located in Chelmsford, Essex, a thriving new city that's home to 12,000 businesses, including several companies in the engineering field and medical technology and assisted living sector. Chelmsford is close to London and two airports, benefits from outstanding transportation links, has a highly qualified workforce and offers an excellent quality of life.

Essex County Council