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Business Innovation Centre, Medical and Advanced Engineering

Our community

MedBIC occupants at work

Our community of innovators and entrepreneurial businesses is growing.

The MedBIC is home to around 30 companies on our Chelmsford site and many more as virtual occupants and student start-ups. The Centre has a diverse group of clients, from public and private sectors, from start-up to mature companies.

Our occupants are start-up and early-stage companies with a connection to the medical and advanced engineering sector.

Different to other innovation centres, The MedBIC is centrally located on Anglia Ruskin University’s Chelmsford campus and is supported by both industry and local government partners.

Our Community also includes The MedTech Campus Network, which has over 1,300 members from the MedTech and Healthcare sector who meet regularly, both in Chelmsford and London.






The MedBIC Business Innovation Centre for Medical and Advanced Engineering is centrally located in Chelmsford, Essex, a thriving new city that's home to 12,000 businesses, including several companies in the engineering field and medical technology and assisted living sector. Chelmsford is close to London and two airports, benefits from outstanding transportation links, has a highly qualified workforce and offers an excellent quality of life.

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